martedì 19 giugno 2012

鼠先輩 / 「六本木~GIROPPON~」(Nezumi Senpai "Roppongi - Giroppon")

Spesso e volentieri, quando sono sotto esame, mi domando: "Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare di scegliere una lingua così assurda e complicata??" (versione per minori di tutte le bestemmie e parolacce che lancio quando non capisco una forma grammaticale).
E la risposta è lì, su youtube, proprio davanti ai miei occhi.

Grazie di cuore, Nezumi Senpai :)

(Vi metto anche la traduzione in inglese, giusto per farvi avere un'idea)

Those dumplings that you gave me in a box tied up in bows
Now scattered on the platform being picked at by the crows
The train is in the station and it's leaving you behind
Po-Po-Po The cigarette smoke is a cloud Po-Po

Please forget and live without me - Senpai
Find somebody else to be with - Senpai
I used to be a man who fell in love too slow but with you I fell too fast into Po-Po

Giroppon is around me but now I'm finding that my nights are just so so
I'm not a man who can live in this city alone: you broke my heart
Now Giroppon will be lonely, so many promises are washed up on these streets

Drink fine bourbon whiskey: don't think about dumplings or her tonight

You don't have a heart inside you - Senpai
All your words are way too easy - Senpai
Alone and afraid my heart begins to float away out into the neon lights my heart

To Giroppon he is coming, but now he's become the old man from your past
You're looking this way and you're looking that way with your cold narrow eyes
Giroppon is a memory, would you tell me why you're trying to be so cool with those sexy clothes on
You really should take the train home Po-Po


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